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Physically, Eleanor has a lot in common with a Sphynxian Treecat (from David Weber’s Honorverse series). Treecats are smaller (but still sapient, although not recognized as such) arboreals with lynx-ish heads, long lanky weasel-ish torsos, and long prehensile tails that are furless along one side. Their claws are wickedly hard and sharp, but retractable. There’s an additional pair of limbs (hand-feet) between the true-hands and the true-feet. Nimitz, the treecat most featured in the stories, is known among his own kind as Laughs Brightly because of his penchant for pranks.

The treecat’s larger, non-sapient cousin is the hexapuma, a vicious ground-dwelling predator that’ll make fast work of the unwary newcomer to its forest.

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