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I’ve always thought Jimmy was a self-centered dick. The only reason he isn’t universally hated is he’s a goofy and charming self-centered dick.

He’s a helluva lot better once he’s matured, I think. Yeah, still a bit self-centered but he’s a lot more mellowed-out and has a grown a sense of empathy. Most of his dickishness in the current day seems more unintentional obliviousness or just not being sure how to navigate certain social situations.

That and kids of that age are borderline sociopathic because of being so emotionally immature, so he does get a bit of wiggleroom there.

I don’t comment here often, but you’ve done an absolutely amazing job of showing on a believable way how Jim was a brat as a child and grew up to be a pretty cool guy. (Copied from previous page because commenting on mobile…)

It’s so interesting to see the start of Jim’s personal development. The older Jim we have seen in the comic is supportive of his friends and calls out his family members on racism – very different from this suspicious young Jimmy who’s clearly been influenced by his older siblings.

It might just be the panels but going from his left around back to his left again, I’m curious how fast it might have been lol

Might not even know the way out if the landscape moves, she’s just faster than it and would know how to keep ahead even at a slower pace lol
“The exit is…”
-sonic booms-
“This way”

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