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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 2

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 2 published on 17 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 2

I think I trust this lady! Completely!

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Sweatbands means she’s been to the surface. I say trust her.

Fair point, but can you trust a lizard with a bra?

I wonder if she’s gonna be the counterpart to Eleanor.

I mean, if I let myself do a very superficial (or, if you want, skin-deep) literary analysis of Obverse & Reverse:
We have a story split in two segments. One is the “present” (Michelle & Bloodcarver) while the other is in the “past” (Rupert, Lorne, & Jimothy). In the past segment, Jim convinces Lorne and Rupert to go where they shouldn’t go, and they get lost, but they meet Eleanor who, despite Jim’s misgivings, is their key to go back home. Then there’s a lot of waffling about whether Eleanor can be trusted, what with her being from a species classified as a monster. In the present segment, Bloodcarver convinced Michelle to go where she really shouldn’t go (Hell), and they get attacked by the other dragons, but as they try to escape they meet this gecko-like person who, despite Bloody’s misgivings, claims to be the key to their rescue. I expect a lot of waffling about whether she can be trusted, what with her being from a species classified as a demon.

Not to take apart the entire comment, but wouldn’t the opposite of “past” be “future”? The past is now, plus everything that happened before, which makes the future the opposite, as in everything that has yet to happen.

The Wonderland side is the past because it’s literally events that happened in the early childhood of characters we first encountered as young adults. In the chronology of the story, it’s a flashback. Whereas on the Hell side, it’s just the logical continuation of where we last saw Michelle. For it to be the future, there would need to be a significant timeskip leaving it a bit mysterious how she arrived there. Maybe if it had started in media res with running through Hell, instead of starting at the dockside of the Avalon, chilling with Greg and Stan.

And the point wasn’t to contrast the two sides of the story, but to find a common thread. So a past/future dichotomy isn’t something I was interested in attempting to shoehorn in.

And then there’s probably going to be a lot of waffling about whether to trust Bloodcarver after what he’s done, because Michelle is probably going to use him as her big scaly guinea pig for talisman making 101. LOL

I’m looking forward to the phase of not-entirely-satisfying results. For science! (“I know a human arm cannot bend like that, but I wanna know how yours can do that still!”)

On a slightly more serious note, doesn’t “guinea pig” collide with “talisman bonds with you for life” a wee bit … ?

Firstly(yay new world) i must say,i love you art/style/characters and humor. You art helped me from beginning (start reading from like 2007) and fell in love. Still need like 13 years to tell this to ya… Got a big questions, or two.
1. Could i try to create fan savage world’s setting based on skin deep? I don’t know i will be able to do It right but i would love to try.
2. The real question what scares Bugbears the most?
3. If demons and angels exist, does that mean gods like Hera/Anubis/Thor are real beings/ententies?

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