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Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 3

Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 3 published on 27 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 3


Two of these dragons are characters from readers! The grey one is T3rminus, who among other things, runs the Skin Deep Discord server! The dark fluffy purple one with red horns belongs to pailRomantic, who bought a cameo via Patreon!

I posted the cover to the first page of Skin Deep almost exactly 15 years ago, November 11, 2006! To commemorate that, I’ve made a limited edition fancy enamel pin! There are only 150 of them, most went to Patrons, but I put a handful up in the store!


This demon better not screw them over, I still dont find any good reasons to trust her.

Factions in hell?
Demons who do not agree with the idea of stealing a soul on false claim?
Demons who may have their own agenda or ambitions?

As I understand it, traditionally in Catholic lore, demons are fallen angels whose duty is to punish and instruct the fallen in hopes they may one day leave hell for purgatory and do penance… Thus earning passage to heaven after proving they have learned the error of their ways.

Said demons are themselves not really evil, but doing this duty as their own penance unto god.

Thats one possible interpretation of whats currently going on.
However, we have also seen so far that traditional religious beliefs are not necessarily applicable, or accurate in any way in the skin deep universe.

In Catholic theology, demons are irrevocably damned and totally given over to hatred. They don’t want to help anyone escape hell, ever.
Also nobody in hell ever escapes. There is no possibility of a damned soul being sent to purgatory.
Purgatory is for those whose souls are saved, and who will go to heaven, but need to be purified first.
Edit: not meant to rebuke. Just making things clear.

Your version sounds more protestant than catholic.
However, I have met and known catholics who insist there is no redemption for the damned, and those who insist that hell is the ultimate last chance for redemption.
Opinions vary, and I’ve had some interesting discussions with priests and ministers over the decades on this very subject.
Just saying.

This demon has some pretty interesting slang for… what was it, 2008? (Nothing wrong with “BRB”, but I feel like “first of all, rude” is a bit more recent.)

Whoa, no need to give him the middle finger, stranger! (Haha, couldn’t resist! Three-fingered-hand problems, huh?)

Also: is that Bloodcarver the Grey in the last panel? I bet he always arrives precisely when he means to ;)

Also also: I REALLY like the design of the dark blue dragon in bottom right corner! I’ve never seen something giving such strong avian and small-mammalian vibes both at the same time! I hope we see them again <3

“Bloodcarver the Grey” is my dragon character! It originally started as a commission of me as a Skin Deep dragon, based on Bloodcarver’s design. Now, knowing the absolute breadth of Kory’s dragon designs and types, I wish I’d gone with something a little more unique!

I’m not sure about matching Gandalf’s punctuality, but I try :P

The dark blue one is pailRomantic’s dragon, and I commend them on a WAY more unique and awesome looking design. It really is fantastic!

I am only seven years older than this comic – I am now 22 (going on 23 in January). No matter how you look at it, we’re both getting old. Still, love the art, love the story, and I hope it continues for many years to come

Gotta stop in to say–I really love your female characters. They’re…actual people. They wear…actual clothes. They have…real personalities. I could read the comic JUST for that, even if the rest of it was not already awesome.

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