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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 21

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 21 published on 22 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 21

Okay everybody! Follow the demon into the giant pitch black tunnel! It’ll be fun.

Have you seen the book I did illustrations for?? You can buy it right now! You can order it via the publisher right here! I’m very excited about this book, and getting to work with Riley was just a treat! If you’re a fan of my paleoart OR just a fan of good books about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, definitely check this one out!

I’ve also lowered the price of my 2022 risograph calendars that feature some of the art that can be found in this book!


“Pfffft! You think this is Dis? Naaaaa! This is Dat. That is Dis. You learn Dat when you have done Dis for as long as I have. But don’t worry about Dat. You will see when we get to this Dat that is totally different from Dis. Or Dat fof that matter.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Just Dis and Dat to pass the time.”

It looks more and more to me as if Vera is gonna turn out to be one of those friends, that you can’t really do without because they are so full of life and drive and energy – but you on the other side could strangle any moment, because they are annoying the s**t out of you with their life and drive and energy…
I like her!
It is to be expected that their travel to the Hellmouth will be anything but easy (ohh, i’m so looking forward to this! Adventures are a-coming!) but i can hardly wait to see what kind of fit the stuffy Elders will have, when Michelle arrives back at the Liverpool Avalon with a dragon and a demon in tow… :D

I wonder if it might not be safer if Michelle changed into her human form (if that is at all possible being in magic-sucking limbo/hell). Having a sphynx walking around in the flesh is gonna cause a stir, and we already know that Vera isn’t really strong enough on her own to keep Mish safe if other demons want to claim “ownership” on the party.

I also wonder if more than one demon can take power from Michelle at the same time, or does it all go to the current one tapping into that well of magic? And does any power spent in hell permanently lower the sphynx ancestral wellspring?

I’m still not sure about Vera. If she doesn’t come with a huge package of trouble I’ll eat my book. The one I just bought with Kory’s drawings in it (I must admit, the big A has its advantage. Not having to pay the shipping from the US is one of them).

Will Dad’s shade show up? Is Vera linked to the Mistress? Will be go through all the circles of hell? Is time frozen in hell, which means they will emerge soon after going in? Who gave the sphinxes to the Mistress? So many questions.

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