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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 20

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 20 published on 16 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 20

Look it’s a big wall. Vera brought them to a Big Wall.

I’m now an officially published paleoartist! I did the illustrations for the book The Last Days of the Dinosaurs by Riley Black, and it’s officially OUT TODAY!! You can order it via the publisher right here! I’m very excited about this book, and getting to work with Riley was just a treat! If you’re a fan of my paleoart OR just a fan of good books about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, definitely check this one out!

I’ve also lowered the price of my 2022 risograph calendars that feature some of the art that can be found in this book!


Looks like an archer hole, tho having one at floor height probably defeats the purpouse.

Maybe there are some very tall demons that refuse to bend over

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