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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 page 23

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 page 23 published on 20 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 page 23

Welcome to the Second Circle! It’s frickin’ wimdy.

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I think blood carver looks a little jealous here, but it could just be that I don’t understand dragon facial expressions… somehow they skipped those lessons in my public speaking course

His facial expression looks grumpy and serious (though it seems to be a default for him to have RBF—haha). Another commenter pointed out he’s protecting Michelle with his wing . Looking at it, it looks pretty clear that is what he’s doing so I’m guessing his facial expression is maybe a combo of protectiveness and maybe a bit of jealousy. It will be interesting to see how his character continues to develop after this story.

I love how quickly Bloodcarver has gotten protective of Michelle!

I have to imagine Bloodcarver feels as alone and afraid as Michelle does in some regards right now, not to mention guilty. He got her into this mess thinking he could make things better for his people only to discover that pretty much everything he’d been told/taught was a lie and the Father really didn’t have their best interests in mind.

Granted Michelle still has her friends back home, Bloodcarver really has nothing except her now, and she doesn’t really trust him either for obvious reasons. He definitely can’t stay in Dis or go back to the other dragons without facing likely capture/death. And he can’t exactly live in the mortal plane without eventually being found by humans unless she’s willing to help him get into a place like Avalon and/or make him a medallion. He’s kind of screwed without her, a person that for all he knows hates him. Can imagine that’s all weighing pretty heavily on his mind and a part of his increased protectiveness of her. He’s got a lot of atone for if he wants her help.

What a hell of a position to be in. Granted he’s not completely innocent in it obviously.

Don’t forget, Michelle explicitly offered to make ALL the dragons medallions. Bloodcarver might not believe that, but based on their interactions I think it’d be more of a case of “this doesn’t seem real” than “this seems suspicious”.

True. Medallions may be the only way Bloodcarver can pull the other dragons away from the Father though and likely the path he’ll take eventually as I don’t see him just abandoning them. Kind of still believe he’s going to be Mich’s test dummy for her first medallion. XD

My brain at this point in this arc: “I bet that, once Michelle’s out of all this, she might look into doing something that hadn’t been done yet… a dragon medallion. She’s theoretically got the tools and the theory, and if the arc doesn’t set Bloodcarver to take a fall so she can escape, he’s gonna be persona non grata anyway among his ‘family’ for helping her… so maybe she’ll try to make him one.”

I think Bloodcarver deserves a medallion after all he had passed thru (the abuses from the Father, the dire times in Dis and more)
In the beginning he tried to help Michelle (although he had the “bad sphynx” bias back then) – but her trusting him is a bit shaken now

Good suggestion to get out of “sphinx” mode, but isn’t a human down here almost as weird?

Well, it’s either human or sphinx. Sphinx is marked as “capture immediately”, but humans are just humans. We don’t know how humans are marked, but there’s a demon with her so they’re less likely to be suspicious, so it’s fair enough to suggest that human form is safer.

Though Bloodcarver’s presence does throw this theory up in the air a bit

If there’s a way to disguise Michelle as a shade, though. The demons want one *living* sphinx. Most won’t bat an eye at what they think is just another wayward soul. The same is probably true of Bloodcarver as well, given the extinction event of the war; there must be shades of all sorts down here.

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