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Meals? So she eats the shades? Fair enough, I guess; they ARE demons, and shades aren’t souls. But that does mean that the shade of Meesh’s father is likely gone. He is just the shade and not the soul, after all.

Poor Vera. She does need to get out of there as soon as she can. Hopefully she’s not too badly hurt, those onomatopoeia noises sure don’t sound too healthy

Ammat eats shades, and lives in this layer, and now I’m curious if Anubis is around here as well. We saw Cerberus in the rain layer.

From his position, I’m guessing Anubis would be at the real ‘entrance’. You know. Moving things along.

Well, either that or getting some time punishing all the folks who keep referring to him as Awoobis.

You know, as awful as it is, I respect Carver for keeping his claw there. A very FIRM reminder to not blow this for everyone involved.

Bastards I hate bullies

So do I…
And I wonder why Gabriel used to hand with these jerks >:C

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