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Wait! Wait! Why did the big boss of Dis close down that Hellmouth? For some reason I am suddenly wondering if the Hellmouth itself was not the problem.

I’m convinced it’s where the hellmouth opens up. “It hasn’t been used in ages” sounds a whole lot like “this hellmouth fell out of use because the place it was located turned into a sprawling human metropolis and drew too much attention.” Five bucks says Vera does not reroute back to the island cave and they all come walking out of a giant demon dog’s mouth into an urban area.

Michelle: “I’ll never again complain about wall graffiti!”

Let’s just hope that this hellmouth is indeed leading back to Earth – and that it can be shut down again after passing through!

I’ve just arrived here on my first read and I must really congratulate Kory for the immense world-(and-hell-)building and for all the great characters!

Also, great comment section! Greetings all around!

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