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Probably to dark for a question.

In Skin deeps world, Did sphinxes kill people that couldn’t answer riddles? Or was that a rumor started by them to try and stop people from bugging them?

So is this winged lion a lioness, or do male winged lions not have manes?

I would love to see more gryhpons what about a snowy owl, snow leopard combo?

…I feel like people want this to be KoryBing draws your fun Gryphon ideas.

I’m not complaining, just making an observation. (I still want to know if a half-bat Gryphon is a thing – maybe with a Kiwi bird as the avian part for a bit of a switcheroo)

For creatures with hooves rather than paws/hands (like Blanche and his family) are there special ways to take care of them, like how a farrier will clip a horse’s hooves to keep them from getting too long?

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