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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 74

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 74 published on 37 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 74

Oh, tiny woman that I’m wearing as a hat, we’re really in it now.


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I don’t think Meesh blames you, Bloodcarver

bloodcarver blames bloodcarver.

and he see the parallel : him bringing her to dispater to help (the dragon to get lives) , ending in disaster as dispater was never genuine
compared to her bringing him to avalon’s authority, to help (defuse the situation)… toward a likely hostile crowd

It really is a shame, since while it would have still been hard on Meesh to try to work out something equitable for her and all the dragons all by herself, It really seems like Dis Pater really wouldn’t have listened and that old dragon may very well eventually die on that hill regardless of how the other dragons feel about it (and while some seem like their gung ho about it, I think a lot of them got really bullied / intimidated the same way Bloodcarver was / has been).

Omg, is he swimming with his wings? That’s… pretty cool actually, I bet he gets a lot of thrust going like that.

Some dragons, especially aquatic ones, are depicted as using their wings as a form of propulsion in water alongside the rest of their body. A good example of it is Draco in Dragonheart during the ‘slaying’ scene with Bowen when he’s swimming after it.

I am just disappointed she is heading back to greg, I have always gated that character. There are better men and woman in this comic that she could be with that isn’t greg…. I really really hate him.

I’m kinda warming up to him. I didn’t like him very early on when he yelled at Meesh for being upset (about, you know, suffering from sudden body dismorphia, being nearly killed by a hulking monster that was shouting the name of her species, fearing alienation…) instead of being “grateful” that he was friends with her. But I think he has grown up (please excuse me, dear Kory) as the author themselves matured. He did apologize for it, after all, so there is that.

While Blood’s specific plan didn’t work out, I think this may actually have a net positive effect. The dragons in Dis now know there’s someone willing to make them medallions in the world, and even if most of them are under Father’s influence, there are still some like Jubilee that are willing to give the idea a chance. The main issue is getting communication between Michelle and those dragons up, and getting them out of Dis.

I can think of two /possible/ alternatives to that. One is just a matter of timing. The talking could be before or after a quick dip. The other is semi-intelligible speech (almost more like humming) through his nose, which appears to be above water.
*Edit– This was supposed to be a reply to Fallingfeather’s comment about ‘Carver seeming to speak with his face underwater.

As mentioned above, these two have both done what they thought would be the best for all and yet have ended up regretting the whole journey. They have literally done the whole ‘Road to hell is paved with Good Intentions’ thing and discovered a shared sense of disillusionment and regret and a shared fear of the consequences.

As much as I’d like to see Miche knock out a medallion for BC right now, I don’t remember her physically having the tools or metallurgical/alchemical knowledge, just the visions of her forebear working in her workshop.

She probably picked up some basics of metalworking just from watching her father making jewelry, and he may have even guided her through some simple techniques. Although he died when she was quite young, it’s likely a good base to build on when she reviews what she learned from the ancestral info-dump.

As for supplies and equipment, those should be locally available.

In particular there is a near-eternal spirit around who had helped with the earlier production runs, apparently, so I’d ask him for help!

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