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He’s just… sitting in the water… with her on his head? He doesn’t look happy. I guess there’s nowhere safe to sit on land?

I don’t think he’s just sitting there (and it’s probably not that shallow there). Back at the start of this story, he flew to and from the bay, but swam across it to and from the L.A.
So, I figure he’s doing something like a breast stroke to move silently through the water with his head up, in contrast to Vera’s splashy dog-paddle.

The bubble may take more energy than ‘Carver can afford just now, and it’s a good idea for Michelle to be visibly alright when they come into view of anyone standing watch at the docks, so there are good practical reasons for her to be riding on his forehead.
Nevertheless, I started hearing Peter, Paul & Mary singing in the back of my head.

Tell them what, Miche? Tell them what exactly? A dragon kidnapped you, but then you agreed to go with him to Hell, but it turns out the other dragons aren’t as cool as him, so you both had to escape, but then a demon saved you, brought you to the capital of Hell and busted you out. Now there’s a demon loose in the world, but it might not be a problem, and also there’s your new waterlogged dragon friend who’s homeless now and you were wondering if maybe they could let him sleep over or something.
I watched all of that happen and it still sounds completely insane.

Eh. Modern liberal hippies and their overrated concern of needing to talk things out.

Don’t feel the need to say anything unless it makes you feel better. Otherwise, don’t ask, don’t tell.

“Red dragon? Eh, he’s a friend. Don’t worry about it”.
Also, you are the heir to the knowledge of making medallions. Just make one for your new friend if the annoyance of answering questions start to outweigh the annoyance of figuring out and making one.

First she needs the permission of the Guardian of the Caves to use the phoenix egg to make a medaillon. As he is a member of the council of elders of the avalon she needs the permission of the council.
That is going to be a whole can of ‘fun’.

Yeah, that will be a whole institutional odyssey of its own, but still clearly the way forward!

After all, the medaillons basically require that the various communities have at least some consensus about who has access to them and what the general rules of behaviour are.

I’m not so sure she does need the elders’ permission. How many of them even know what’s hidden under Fingol?

What have the Finns been guarding the egg for, if not for returned sphinxes to use it to make medallions?

I really don’t think she’ll have a problem with the Finns.

Yes, strictly speaking the sphinxes operated effectively under their own authority as far as I understand, but it’s courteous and constructive to work with the wider community if possible, especially about something as momentous as bringing dragons in for the first time after such bitter and bloody historical strife!

I would expect there to be quite a bit of controversy about this and need to talk…

The look on Bloodcarvers face in the last panel is definitely a feeling. “I just had the worst time of my life, can this please wait until morning. I just want to sleep and not have to deal with a billion questions from a bunch of people right now.”

By that time Greg is probably tied to the post to stop him from swimming back to the island. Go, Michelle, you are starting to choose your own path – see trip to Hell – and even though you are exhausted, badly shaken, afraid, and anxious you should have a though for poor Greg. And for poor Bloodcarver who must me just as exhausted and lost, even though he is hiding it better. Boomers sometimes have an advantage with all that accumulated experience :)

I’m excited at the prospect of her getting to befriend that totally-not-a-human-in-denial and his wizard master to learn about medallion making. Feels like that whole thing was very checkov’s gun’ed for this whole thing to happen. Prolly keep the whole egg thing a secret still buuuuut It’s not like you can keep the whole fact that HEY WE GOT NEW MEDALLIONS a secret, and these two WILL come for that at some point, considering they were researching medallions.

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