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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 77

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 77 published on 35 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 77

This is the penultimate page of Obverse & Reverse! One more page until the end of the arc!

I’ll be at BwPCon this Saturday! If you’re in Portland, come stop by! It’s gonna be fun!


Why not, Meesh? The Avalon council has to find out about this sometime, and the best way is from the two of you together. Have you forgotten Blood’s invisibility glamour already?

Can’t Bloodcarver hang out with Stanley?

I’m pretty sure he’s got no one else to hang out with till Michelle can make him a medallion (at some point hopefully). Poor dragon/guy just wanted to help his family and his family were all a little bit totally insane and decided “No, murder is the solution to this, not friendship and medallions”.

i imagine Bloodcarver is feeling rather ashamed for the trickery and all that was involved and now more or less hanging out in midair without a place to land. And the one person that should be the most angry, isn’t anymore. That the trip into the realms of hell told more than merely words could relay. she knows that it’s no way to live like that.

That Bloodcarver could very well be one of her best friends in time since they both realize just how big the issue is. More so that it’s clearer to Michelle just how important the medallions are and just how much they could help not just the people of Avalon, but dragons too. Only major obstacle now, is being able to make one. Thinking about it now, Dogpatch might be out of the way enough to hide a rather large dragon that wants badly to have days and nights again, to be able to have things that don’t just crumble away to further enhance the hopelessness of being in hell.

Counterpoint: needing medallions is dumb and humans need to be more tolerant of magic and sapient creatures.

Counter counterpoint: bipedalism and thumbs rule.

Counter counter counterpoint: Needing to rely on one person to make medallions is dumb.

Omg finally! After years of reading this single story, it will finally be finished, and I will have read my first Skin Deep arc from start to finish sin I began reading the comic back in 2017. Man, what a wild ride it has been…

If someone decides to voice-act this comic, I would love to voice Blood, Dis Pater, or just about anyone really.

It would not be the first time there is a dub of a webcomic on youtube. As long as you get Kory’s consent, you would just have to find a couple of other people, even if it’s not the whole story but a particular chapter you want to do.

While the council may well be somewhat taken aback, it should be able to see the advantage of having a dragon who is on their side and who has extensive knowledge of the going-ons in Hell in general and the dragon community in particular

So what happened to the wife Bloodcarver mentioned way back when? You’d think she would have come up at some point during this.

A few of us have queried this. We can only wait and see what Kory and the characters have to say on this aspect when they do. I’m expecting Miche to bring this up sooner or later if BC does not.

The longer BC and Miche spend together, the more obvious it becomes that they will make a far better team working together than either of then could ever have expected… BC is surprised by how young, naive and understanding Miche is and Miche is surprised by how easily she can empathise with someone whose race she is meant to be the nemesis of.

I can see her bringing the rest of her group on board easily enough with Greg’s help and maybe the Finn’s but as for the establishment… yeah, not looking forward to that set of conversations and dramas.

To me, Bloodcarver and Michelle are already a team. They have literally been through Hell together. They are Brothers-In-Arms. They just haven’t quite found out yet…
IMHO the logical path forward is to deal with the closest problems first; the primary one, make Bloodcarver inconspicuous. I guess she better get Greg and the Finn’s in on the story, and then access her old memories in order to create a medallion.
…But then again, our dear author keeps throwing me curveballs…

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