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Is that just a teensy bit of concern I see in Alec’s face?

I’ve always seen him as a basically good guy that likes messing with people.
Maybe seeing Anthony’s levels of stress, and maybe self destructive potential made an impression?


Yeah, I’ve always figured the same, just like Myra. Bugbears like to mess with people and be scary it’s true, but they’re also kind of guardians of runaway children – they’re supposed to scare them right back home again. Can’t really be all bad when you take that into account. He’s creepy and likes to mess with people, but he’s a good guy at heart, I think.

I love Tony’s attitude with Alec on this page. “Yes, you’re creepy. I get it. Can we move on to the actual reason I’m here now?”

Hmm, can’t say I like Tony too much right now. Even if he’s going through something hard, at this point he’s just being a jerk. Still, I gotta love how Alec’s just letting it roll off his back.

For a teenager dealing with something completely outside his sphere of experience that his best friend *promised* wouldn’t go wrong…I think he’s coping pretty well. He’s obeying ground rules, trying to put his life back together, not running off or hiding in a closet. He probably ought to apologize to Mrs. Noir at some point, but overall he could be doing a lot worse.

Not to mention how much time Alec spends acting like a jerk, even if this page isn’t much of an example. I can more can forgive Tony for snarking back a bit.

Yep. Turnabout’s fair play, and Alec seems nothing if not thick-skinned.

Plus, it could theoretically put the guy a bit out of his groove for better or for worse, and I *live* for seeing smug characters getting thrown off their grooves. >:)

While I knew about the concept of Bugbears my first introduction, so to speak, to them was from “Skin Deep” and I’ve liked everyone so far that I’ve met. I think it’s in their nature to be spooky and scary, but they’re not ‘bad’ so I wouldn’t expect Alec to get angry at a customer’s attitude especially given the circumstances; maybe it is kind of refreshing to meet someone willing to be snarky to them and who isn’t “OMG a Bugbear!” Tony isn’t exactly a friend yet, but he is a friend of a friend so Alec would be inclined to give him a break, I would think. Of course he’s also a musician and musicians tend to like other musicians because impromptu jam sessions are a fantastic thing. I hope Alec can find an instrument that will allow him to continue to play, because if he can’t it would be an even bigger tragedy than turning into a bird-thingy and I’m sure any musician would agree.

Does it count as murder if someone just happens to have a heart attack after getting a nasty scare? >:=)>

…Y’know, a bugbear serial killer would be a pretty chilling concept. Who would stop them? Brrr.

I quite agree, but I’ve thought of a natural profession for a bugbear, at least within a justice system like the one in the U.S.: bounty hunter.

“You can run, but you’ll just go to jail tired.”

“You can run, but you’ll just go to jail tired.”

… unless you’re surpassing the worth of the bounty to the point that the bugbear starts looking into fringe benefits. *Then* you’re unlikely to sleep *at all* for the following couple months.

Alec says that Tony isn’t magic. How does Alec know this? It’s the bugbear senses or something?

I think he’s basing it off the fact that he looks like a harpy and harpies don’t have magic. But who knows – if a Bugbear has a radar on all creatures who aren’t Bugbears themselves, maybe they can get a vague sense of what they’re capable of, too. The better to creep you out with, my dear~!

Since I’m neither a musician nor a music historian, I had to look up Django Reinhardt. He was a Belgian Gypsy who became a famous jazz guitarist even after two fingers of his left hand were paralyzed in a fire. He died in 1953, so I wonder why Alec says “can play” instead of “could play”.

Isn’t the Avalon gatekeeper named Django? His last name is Henja I think…

Yeah Derpy. When I first read the inked version of the page, I thought Alec was talking about Django Henja.
It wasn’t till Lynx-Eye dug up the info that I learned that Django Reinhardt was real and was as Alex described him.
But with Alec describing Django Reinhardt as being in the present tense, I’m wondering if, in the Skin Deep world, Reinhardt might not be another long lived mythological, now living in an Avalon somewhere.

Something I very much enjoy is trying to imagine how Alec’s voice sounds

I always imagine him sounding like the master of horror Vincent Price. It fits with the tone, and the smugness I think. ^.^
As for girl bug bears… hmmm, I haven’t thought about that.

I can’t think of a generic voice for female bugbears.
I can, however, think of a possibly suitable voice for Myra. Irene Ryan, who played Granny in the TV series The Beverly Hillbillies.

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