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2023 Reader Question 40

2023 Reader Question 40 published on 8 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 40

This gryphon would be the absolute worst to be around. They’re made of chaos.

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Okay, so to sum it up: Medallions are only available for critters that are found in medieval bestiaries or were locally known back then; and even then not all of the beasties have medallions because some Sphinxes went ‘Nope, don’t like Harpies/Manticores/Dragons/whatever so I call them untrustworthy and not make them life-saving amulets’. Meaning all critters originating from other cultures then unknown, like America, far east Asia, Australia and Oceania, either have to be able to shape-shift on their own, cast illusions, are extinct, hidden, be on better standing with their local humans or have somnething similar to medallions, do I get that right?
On that note, what about the critters that didn’t get a spot in Medieval bestiaries, because they were forgotten by that time, like Sumerian Lion-Eagles?

Anyways, awesome work, as always Kory :)

I raised ferrets for over 30 years. I want a miniature pet one of these like BURNING. Granted, my home’d be trashed in about 15 minutes, but it’d be so much fun, and they’d be so beautiful! Also, the pranking possibilities would be endless. “See that shiny thing? How fast can you grab it and get it back to me? GO!”

(Um, ferrets do tend to infect their owners with their attitudes, and it shows after a while.)

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