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Wow. The way Lily makes it out, bugbears would be capable of taking over the world if they could only be bothered. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that the truth lies somewhere between Alex’s bugbear abilities, and her abilities as an organiser. As for the talisman, she hasn’t even considered the possibility that it might give bugbears power over her, or might actually be an ancient beacon to all bugbears in the vicinity to prank, harass and otherwise incommode the possessor without let or mercy.

I agree the faces are so especially well done this time. Love the expressions. And I’ve completely fallen in love with this comic recently, thanks to a good friend that introduced me to it. Very likely my favorite so far. (Though I tend to be magic and fantasy biased)

I know that everyone seems to be talking about Lily and her hair and expressions, but can we stray from that and discuss Dean’s SIDEBURNS because I seriously need to touch them. o_0

Like, seriously guys.


I like sideburns.

“Go anywhere” may have been a nod to the extensive use of bugbears in old edition random encounter charts, no matter what the terrain or the depth of dungeon… I personally am waiting on an Ochre Jelly Donut, or else a Black (blood) Pudding, for breakies of course =P…

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