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January 2017 Reader Question 9

January 2017 Reader Question 9 published on 17 Comments on January 2017 Reader Question 9

Additionally, medallions are responsible for making modified clothes look normal when human. If the shirt is removed when human it would revert back to its “real” look when disconnected from the wearer, since it wouldn’t be connected to the medallion magic anymore.

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What is the oldest mythical race that still exists in the Skin Deep universe? Does each race have their own creation story/myth or do they all have a common origin? For example, did all pterripi (spelling?) originate from Pegasus who sprang from the severed head of the Gorgon, or was he just an outlier?

Perhaps mythics came from some ancient hoary old god that got bored with simple animals and decided to throw a little magic into the mix and “see what happens”? *cough* *cough* Ravi *cough*

Once upon a time I was trying to make webbed shirts for a stegosaur to wear. Until I realized, wait! The back story for my dinosaur people doesn’t involve being created by humans! They’re going to develop their own clothing aesthetic from scratch!

See, I don’t get it- Aren’t the Midforms entirely a product of magic? Wouldn’t the medallions just modify the regular human clothes to accomodate the Midform, like how they seem to make the clothes vanish entirely when going Fullform?

I mean, after all, any form that isn’t their ‘base’ mythical form is technically magically created, right? So they’d have to tailor for, say, Selkie bodies, or Gryffin, or Harpy.

Annoying that I missed this reply at the time.
You’re only thinking of what happens to clothes that are being worn in human form, when a Mythical changes to midform or full form.
What you overlooked is putting on clothes when already in midform. Those clothes need to be already physically altered to suit midform.

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