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2018 Reader Question 1

2018 Reader Question 1 published on 12 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 1

And the Reader Questions have started! With a baby Wosret and Jocasta!

Because of the way the site is arranged, if you want to go and read Skin Deep, you’ll have to pick a chapter from the menu bar! Hitting “back” on this reader question will take you to previous reader questions! This is so when you’re reading Skin Deep you won’t get interrupted by non-comic pages! It’s not the most elegant solution, but it works!


Can we see some of the other Liverpool Avalon residents with a more ‘current’ appearance.
What I mean is can you show us what some of the background characters (such as Blanche and Tony) look like in ‘current day’ as in the time frame in which Jim came back with Michelle and Merial and Greg.

Interesting to see how sphinxes lose their spots as they age, though considering they’re part lion I suppose it’d be expected.
Even though I doubt this will be answered, are there any trolls in Skin Deep’s world? Some of them are pretty humanoid, but there are loads of equally animalistic varieties.

Hi Kory! Always love the Reader Questions.
In Bern, Switzerland, there’s the Zähringerbrunnen, a fountain with a statue of a bear in full armor with a sword and shield! Could we please see how some of the mythics would look like decked out in full medieval armor?

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