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The mystery of the week this young boy detective has to solve is: how are his glasses staying on when he has no external ears to hold the temples in place?

Well, you wouldn’t expect anyone to think of having glasses affixed to a much wobblier human nose, and yet pince-nez are a historic fact …

Sure, temples are a relatively late addition to glasses, but he’s not wearing a… pince-bec here.

And you can see that the temples aren’t holding on to anything. No idea why he would have them added (maybe because an outright pince-whatever looks soooo yestentury?), but I feel confident to say that with a rigid beak, he doesn’t need them to be a load-bearing part.

Oooh, very cute!

If we’re doing ridiculously pretty bird totems, it does make me wonder what a Himalayan monal (aka Impeyan pheasant) totem would look like. Or just fancy peafowl & pheasants in general, actually

(also if you ever find yourself in Walla Walla, WA for some reason, the aviary at Pioneer Park has some truly gorgeous pheasants, including the aforementioned monal)

Wait. Walla Walla Washington is an actual place?!? I just thought Animaniacs had made up a location name for once. Heh. Even at that age I should have known better than to doubt the same team that had Yakko list off country names to song as their entire skit.

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