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If I can get a night with a clear sky it WILL be a good weekend.
Astronomy and clouds are NOT a viable combo.

RQ: is anyone in the LA interested in astronomy?

Actually, these would be better to have around than really big spiders, because they wouldn’t be able to creep up on you– you could hear their little teeny hooves clattering. Adorable! <3

Really big spiders patiently wait for you to blunder into their webs.
And they’re not the ones you have to _really_ worry about.

I guess it depends on what “really big” signifies– I was thinking ‘2-inch long Wolf Spider,’ not ‘Shelob.’

Are humans really different than all these other sapient species, or are they just the emulated subjects of Medallion magic because of their global presence and practical bodies?

Is there some AU where, say, satyrs were the dominant species, and there were humans and griffins and nemian lions all with half-satyr medallion forms littering avalons?

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