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Not sure if this has been answered in the past, but:
Does a mythical person with a medallion have only a single human appearance available to them? Could the medallions magic be applied to, say, confirm an individual’s gender identity? With (enough) practice, can someone have multiple human appearances?

Can the magic be swapped the other way and used to look like another mythical species?

No. The medallion magic manifests a human form and while they can choose any permutation between their true form and human form, they can’t significantly change the properties of their human form, or use it to manifest as a different creature.

Can a gryphon be a gryphon? Kidding.

Switching tracks, are there gargoyles inspired by bugbears or other scary-looking creatures? Do bugbears–who am I kidding, of course bugbears pretend to be gargoyles and move around to creep people out.

What about other statues and art forms? In a post-medallion world art of magical people would taper off (and oh, isn’t that a thought, unicorns and mermaids fading out of art not because we collectively outgrew fairytales, but because the fairies said “Right, that’s enough of that.”) But art of the IDEA of magical creatures would continue, and become less realistic every passing generation. I don’t have a question I just like thinking about magical art critics perusing human art galleries and fuming over the inaccuracies, or seriously considering feeding an artist a bunch of drugs so they can get away with saying HERES WHAT A REAL UNICORN LOOKS LIKE and flashing them. Or maybe making their own art and quietly fuming when it’s not treated with the respect of deserves. This is PORTRAITURE!

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