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Coffee is ubiquitous. Coffee is life.

The Caffeine Mantra

It is by caffeine alone
I set my mind in motion.
It is by the juice of Java
that thoughts acquire speed,
the hands acquire shakes,
the shakes become a warning.
It is by caffeine alone
I set my mind in motion.

The Litany Of Coffee

I must have coffee
Coffee is the mind-thriller
Coffee is the bitter tonic that brings total invigoration
I will brew my cup
I will permit it to pass over my lips and through me
And while it is absorbed my thoughts and pulse shall quicken
When the pot is drained there shall be jitters
Open eyes remain

The Litany Against Decaf

I will not brew decaf.
Decaf is the mind-killer.
Decaf brings the little sleep that leads to oblivion.
I will embrace my caffeine.
I will brew my beverages and let them flow through me, and when they are done, I will remain…alert.

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