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I assume for one because they are magical (probably mysterious, too), and two because they are (assumed to be?) related to horses, which are generally regarded as majestic creatures. And because no one, except Ravi, remembers what they were like, they were romanticized.

But this is Ravi we’re talking about, can we really trust his perception on unicorns?


What about alicorns? aren’t they winged unicorns? or maybe they’re a hybrid of Pegasus and Unicorn?

This is getting confusing :p

In heraldry, an alicorn is a unicorn horn. On the other hand, unicorns are historically emblazoned (drawn) more like goats than horses. When one lady in the S.C.A. wanted an equine with both horn and wings, it had to be blazoned (verbally described) as a “unicornate pegasus”.

How did Michelle end up in the woods after her turning, and Greg after his medallion break? Do the medallions have some sort of stealth-teleport magic attached to their illusion magic? Are there plot reasons we’re not privy to? Or was this simply a quirk of earlier writing?

In Michelle’s case, it’s been at least implied that she subconsciously activated her sphinx power of teleportation to get to a remote location, away from witnesses.

Greg, on the other hand, apparently had a memory blackout after running from the house, past however many relatives. They saw him in his satyr form, and are convinced he’s some kind of hell-spawn.

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