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Yikes! And I thought that the Okypete girls might have had trouble finding mates. I suppose the Celeans could pretend that they’re cosplaying as Discordia from Drowtales. The Podargians, though, are really going to have to go some: if they can’t procure the assistance of some able friends, and probably some carefully selected pharmaceuticals, they’ll probably have to just hang out on Jonathan Livingston Seagull chatrooms and similar places, and hope for the best.

Stickybeak says: So? It might be fun to make out with a gull.

Thors_Claw says: Whut? ;-/

jls238 says: UR sick

Archimedes says: Hope you are punning, dude.

Foxbat says: lol

Asia_Podargas says: Wanna talk?

— Asia_Podargas has invited Stickybeak to private chatroom: Passerine_Queens

Knowing that Abigail Okypete is apparently an Okypetian harpy, I wonder if every harpy species is named after that family of harpies? Will Blanche and the others take Tony to meet a harpy named So-and-so Allelay or something? Might be pretty neat.

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