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Hey Gabe what is that ax thing that you wield? Also why do you smoke so much and say stuff like get drunk? I thought angels were supposed to be holy beings that are perfect. Im not saying that you aren’t totally awesome because you are way past cool. One last question, do you consider the other angels your siblings?

Gabe uses a halberd.
As for the smoking and stuff, I’d say Gabe’s tired of having to BE the Holy Being that Religion makes Gabe out to be. So Gabe rebels at it. Think about what Gabe says in Orientations chapter 5 page 28 frame 2.
“Oh I was about to, but you know how much I hate playing the deus ex machina.”

Um I don’t speak Spanish.

Gabriel and Lucifer were the best things about that movie, hands down.

I agree with you about Gabriel and Lucifer being the best things in that movie. I mean, Tilda Swinton and Peter Stormare… did you expect any less? Peter, in particular, can chew the scenery with the best of them when the role calls for it (but he can be subtle too. He’s very versatile.) Put Peter and (a much younger) Brian Blessed in the same room, and you’d get Ham-to-Ham Combat.

I’m not in a position to judge the quality of the adaptation, never having read the comics on which it’s based, so I’ll have to take your word on that. (But hey, at least I know it is an adaptation, which puts me ahead of some people.) I do know that Constantine didn’t care if you were half-angel or half-demon, if you disrupted the balance, he’d deport your ass. That doesn’t really come across in the movie.

Gonna be something of a jackass here and point out that, ironically enough, Gabriel is THE one angel whose name specifies a gender (male). In fact, a YOUNG man, to be quite precise.

It’s doubly funny/weird because indeed all other divine blessing/angel-associated names in hebrew angeology (afaik), from Rafael to Satan, are action-based and could apply equally to any gender or none. But Gabe had to be special in such a quizzical way.

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