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2018 Reader Question 98

2018 Reader Question 98 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 98

Hercules isn’t exactly regarded as a hero in mythical creature circles. In fact they think he was kind of a bully and a jerk at best and a big ol murderer at worst!

Fun fact: Ceryneian Hinds and White Stags are pretty closely related.

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Looking back on it, there are a ridiculous amount of Greek creatures. It’s a wonder they manage to keep a secret hidden society over there when the population must be, like, 30&~ bestial, at least.

Until the war between the dragons and the sphinxes, and humans hunting everyone, all in medieval times, they didn’t have to hide.
Before that, for humans, going to the Mythicals part of town was just like going to any other suburb in town. Ordinary. Routine.

Any ancient times serial killer mythical creatures who are now seen as just sagely old-ones, ‘cose they just killed some humans (who deserved it probably, maybe), but don’t do it anymore and it was all way back in the day anyway? Looking at you, doragons… But anyone else?

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