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2018 Reader Question 174

2018 Reader Question 174 published on 18 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 174

I kinda dug myself into a hole when I described highly magical creatures in the shape of mundane animals as “totem animals” because that’s not really a good catch-all name for them, especially when they show up nearly everywhere except Europe. It does work as an in-universe term since it was invented by European cultures to describe a big class of people unfamiliar to them, I guess. It’s generally not what said creatures will call themselves, however.

Also: Cameleopards.


I can’t tell if those are spots or tattoos, cause to me they look more like Jaguar spots then leopard spots.

Look at the name– ‘Cameleopard’ = camel leopard. They were a heraldic critter based on somewhat misunderstood reports by Europeans visiting Africa, and most likely leopard-spots were the only things they knew to describe what they saw– I mean, can you think of *anything* else with giraffe-markings?

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