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I ask this question: what is the oldest creature a griffin can be made from before it basically looks like a dragon? Archeopteryx? a non-avian pterosaur? and what of the “cat” part? A dimetrodon griffin would be hard- where would you attach the wings? How about a saurian like velociraptor or a protoceratops just for kicks? What I’m saying is that if the name wasn’t a tip-off, I enjoy prehistoric life quite a bit, and you have shown you do as well, so let’s both geek out over this one…

Oh jeeze, I probably shouldn’t ask this, but… Platypus totems? Gods, they’d be cute. Have you ever seen a baby platy? Brain-breakingly adorable!

It just hit me you really like dinossaors and dont know if you saw this game I’ve been playing for almost 2 years, Ark: Survival Evolved.
It don’t have much of a plot (unless you go looking for the dossiers and explorer notes). You wake up barely clothed with a prism-like implant in your arm and need build stuff to stay alive (it was PvP only at 1st but there are PvE servers too).
But it got dinossaurs, and the best thing is you can tame and ride then and better (or worse), breed then. From normal dinossaurs you can find everywhere/when to really strange creatures (like the lightpug/bulbdog) to griffins and the Managarmr (which I call Falcor)

It’s on Steam, it’s moddable and I recommend singleplayer or else you’ll end with no time to do anything else :D

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