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So I was rereading exchanges, and I care upon the whole self keeping secret discussion that came up toward the end. I have to agree with Anthony; something say least semi official has to have happened in relationship with the whole secret mythical community thing, or at least some unofficial groups must have formed. (aka please show us some gmen/government agents or similar average joesway out of their depth, if you would be so kind)

There has to be someones in various government departments, utility companies, and the military, keeping things quiet.
Some examples
Government departments – Creating the correct paperwork to prove a born Mythical child is an actual citizen, so they can go to school.
Utility companies – an Avalon uses power water and gas, which has to be paid for, and in industrial quantity. A derelict warehouse using that much, _should_ cause Questions To be Asked. But none ever are. Why?
Military – POWs generally don’t get to keep stuff like jewellery, and this would include Medallions. So how was the sudden appearance of a Mythical, after a Medallion was taken from a POW, hushed up?

Kory is there anything you’ve been wanting to draw before the years out?

Not sure if you are still taking reader questions, but I thought I’d give it a try.


heh, the reason I originally started watching you on DA way back in the day, and began reading this comic, is because of my “Triptych” shapeshifter stories. One of the ‘phoenix’ brothers – cloned versions of a couple of kids – is a roadrunner, coyote, phoenix (orange phase). His brother got ‘all the cuteness genes’, since he’s a red panda/woodpecker/red phoenix, and their other brother is a goldfinch/puma/yellow phoenix. He HASN’T heard all the jokes, he’s hardly even seen any cartoons… but he absolutely loves them once he’s started. :D

That’s actually a very appealing gryphon; and as a desert dweller myself, I can believe it’d survive really well out here in the Sonoran! Coyotes are carnivores verging on omnivorous, while road runners are full-on omnivores; both are tough as nails, brutally intelligent and pretty high on their respective food chains. Yeah, they’d do well.

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