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I LOVE roadrunners. I used to volunteer at an animal sanctuary/educational center, and helped take care of this one roadrunner named Chevy. He was a zippy little dude, but they make a sound more like a purring motor or a little “revving” sound. It’s really cute. I also caught him doing a mating call which he was very particular about, 7 “coos” in descending pitch.

I tried to catch him doing wall jumps on video, but I was never successful.

Anyways, I love this.

Oh man, that’s GREAT! Though I should imagine the pants situation’s a bit awkward for them (and kilts would be worse.) I love roadrunners; living out in the Sonoran Desert, I see them a lot– they’re amazingly cute and unkempt-looking when they’re young fledglings, their feathers stick out EVERYWHERE. Smart, too– when I worked in NV at the Clark County Water Treatment plant, there was one who’d pretty much trained everybody who ate lunch at a particular picnic table outside to feed him (including myself.) He loved Ritz Crackers hugely, and would make this weird little zipper-noise of appreciation when you gave him one.

” Meep Meep” Roadrunner
( Fastust roadrunnyust.)
” Meep Meep”

Wile E. Coyote
( Idiotus Maximus)
Holds up sign
Sign reads
” Why can’t cartoon roadrunners be like real roadrunners. Real coyotes can catch real roadrunners. Dumb cartoon logic!!!”

Just how rare are male harpies, male Grecian sphinxes, and female Egyptian sphinxes? AKA, in a race/species that’s primarily known for being of a single sex, how often does a creature of the lesser seen sex occur? I imagine they might be pretty popular with others of their kind, even if they are unusual.

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