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2018 Reader Question 26

2018 Reader Question 26 published on 7 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 26

European Heraldic creatures are all cool so I’m just gonna go ahead and say they all exist in Skin Deep and the vast majority have medallions. Because I love them.

I am home from VanCAF! It was so much fun! So much fun that I didn’t realize until two days later that I had scheduled these reader questions to go up on the wrong week!! I am sorry there were two days without reader questions!


Can you recommend any reading (digital or physical I don’t care) on heraldic creatures? Usually I’d just look them up on Wikipedia but the heraldic creature pages are pretty bare. The calygreyhound page doesn’t even have a picture. Actually if you have any recommendations for books or websites about any mythical creatures I would be very grateful. Wikipedia isn’t very in depth and I’m not sure where to find reliable information. Where does your knowledge of so many creatures come from? You’re amazing!

There are also dictionaries on heraldry that mention different monsters.

If you can find it, “A New Dictionary of Heraldry” by Stephen Friar is a good book, and a favourite of mine [don’t own a copy :(].

Another is [I do own a copy]: “An Heraldic Alphabet” by J.P.B. Brooke-Little.

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