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2018 Reader Question 25

2018 Reader Question 25 published on 15 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 25

The original script for Nixie Spit was much longer and involved everybody getting Nixie Spit’d, so I’ve had Greg and Merial’s forms figured out for a long time. I love Greg’s little finny leggies.

I’ll be at VanCAF this weekend! If you’re in Vancouver you should drop by! It’s a free show and there will be a TON of amazing artists!!!!!


Wouldnt people call beings affected with nixie spit just nixied? Unless there is another nixie secret that changes others too, it would be a more tactful way of putting it. Also much easier to use in a converstion.

Unfortunately, I’m the one guilty of coming up with the term, Nixie Spitified, back when I asked the RQ used for RQ February 2017, number 32.
It was all I could come up with to describe a character that has been affected by nixie spit.

Hhhaaaaaa cooooooooolll!!! XD XD XD Oh my gosh I love their limbs! Haha Greg’s hoof-ended ones like the Buggane legs…. and Michelle’s cat back-end turned into a tail like Jim’s!

Haha, I wonder if there will ever come a time when Merial would have to spearhead a group escape into the water…. Now THAT would be a sight! XD

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