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Speaking of babies…
Kory, now that Colin has a human form, can we please see a Finn family portrait? Normal, or in the style of those tacky 80s style family portraits ?

Oooh; that brings to mind a question I’d thought up a while ago. Missus Finn seems to have had children over a pretty long period of time; I wonder if she might be planning on/not adverse to more kids in the future? Because GUYS, Y’ALL NEED A SISTER. All those males!

It’s been bugging me for a while, the “Great War” that happened to between Sphinxes and Dragons was clearly framed as a mainland Europe, and possibly Britannian Isles thing. So, what about places like Iceland and Ireland? Places that very clearly have mostly removed from conflicts on mainland Europe.

Also, I would love to see creatures of Irish lore get a bit more focus. And I don’t mean Leprechauns and banshees, those are the only ones that most people seem to know about. I’m talking about entities like the Otters of Irish lore, beings that are said to be nearly invincible warriors. Actually, it would be interesting to see a Nemean lion and Irish otter get into a fight, only to be surprised by the lack of damage to either combatant. Also the courts of the fey, the Seelie and Unseelie would interesting to see in the context of all this. On that thought, brownies (pronounced Broo-Nee), and it would be extra funny if upon meeting one they get all annoyed about the name of their faerie type, maybe even go into angry rants about how they aren’t a confection.

OMG, I never uploaded that question/meme thing that was happening before we knew that Tony was a harpy. Since Gremlins seem to be a modern cryptid, I decided that they were corrupted Brownies. Instead of being helpful fey, they “helped” by breaking machines.

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