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If Stanley is eating all the town’s garbage, imagine all the poop that must be building up in the bottom of the harbor o.O

Just as a side note, reading back into questions – I really love how in-universe, a lot of the answers to questions like these are “Who knows?”. The fact that the Liverpool Avalon is basically held together with cleverness and general cooperation and a bit of good fortune – instead of, say, an ancient mystical barrier or the standard fantasy trope – is really cool storywise. It’s also cool how in a lot of places, there’s no actual answer to be had, like “Why can Anthony be a harpy when they’re all female?” being answered with “Because magic does weird stuff sometimes, idk!”.

It gives this real sense that the mythical creature community is just a bunch of normal folks trying to get by, who also happen to be mythical creatures. And that’s a cool dynamic.

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