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2018 Reader Question 6

2018 Reader Question 6 published on 21 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 6

Pygmy gryphons can be any combination of mammal and bird, but that doesn’t mean that every possible combination actually exists! There aren’t a whole load of pygmy grphons out there!

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The mind boggles at how well this thing would do, having parts for mastery of sea and air, allowing it to travel to almost any location!

I’ve been wondering about these types of gryphons.
Are there gryphons who are part birds which have stubby wings like puffins? Could they even fly?

Would owl-gryphons be silent flyers, with wings that don’t make any flapping noises (and bad-ass faces)?

…I didn’t know there was a variety of gryphon that could be a non-standard mix… This raises many questions:
Do monotremes count? (at least there wouldn’t be any debate as to whether they lay eggs)
If so, what would a Platypus/Kookaburra Pygmy Gryphon look like?
Do half Echidna Pygmy Gryphons look like they’ve got mo-hawks so that they don’t injure their wings when they fly?
Would a half Bat Pygmy Gryphon have 4 wings?
Would a half Sugarglider Pygmy Gryphon still look like it’s wearing a wingsuit?
And would it be able to glide without using its wings?

…I may be an Australian that loves our weird wildlife…

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