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Seeing Jim’s feet made me think, do animal-like creatures tend to walk on their toes (or the balls of their feet) when in human form? My brother walks on his toes all the time and I have seen other people who do it, so it would not be out of the ordinary. Just food for thought as most quadrupeds have evolved to walk on their meta tarsals/carpals and/or phalanges.

It’s easy to forget in their time the smartphone hasn’t been invented yet. I had one of those Motorola phones.

The phone launched in 2007 by the Rotten Fruit Co was NOT the first smartphone.
Late 1990s, early 2000s Nokia 9000 series Communicator
Early to mid 2000s, Palm OS phones. Handspring (and later Palm) Treo, Sony CLIÉ series, Kyocera QCP series (formerly Qualcomm).
Mid 2000s, Windows phones. HP and Compaq.

Meow Wow? He’s got Mabel’s taste in shirts, I see. The way he rolls his eyes, it seems like he’s trying to do the “awesome” smiley face. I’m not sure what’s written on the wallet’s decorative seal — “Johnny Soby Deedle Tom”? Not a reference I’m getting.

Just don’t have him get caught by the cops with that switchblade. Some states it’s a felony to possess one.

It’s only illegal in about half the states (22, last time I checked). There are:

13 states in which any switchblade is legal
2 states in which any switchblade is legal as long as you’re over 21
4 states in which it’s legal if you have a gun permit
8 states in which it’s legal as long as the blade isn’t too long (all the way from 5.5″ in Texas to a miniscule 1.5″ in Connecticut)
3 states where it’s “situational” (such as if the blade is part of a registered collection, or “Possession of a switchblade or gravity knife for use while hunting, trapping or fishing by a person carrying a valid hunting, trapping or fishing license.”)

The state where he and Michelle are attending college is one of the ones where it’s legal.

Edit: Whoops, that adds up to 52. Should only add up to 51 (50 states plus the District of Columbia). Close enough.

The point of most import is what was the legal status in Missouri, back in the mid 2000s when the current stories are set?

You have a good point!

I know that at one point there was a ban on the possession, construction, or purchase of switchblades in Missouri, because they repealed the ban in 2012. However, I can’t find any information at all about when the ban originally went into effect.

I do know that in Missouri, as long as you are legally allowed to carry a gun (which pretty much means “no felony record”), it is legal to conceal-carry any knife with a folding blade of less than four inches (and has been that way for decades). So it really depends entirely on when the ban went into effect.

Also England, they’re banned flat out unless they’re obvious antiques

Spring loaded, flip knives, gravity knives, ones with locking bars and knives in general above three inches that you aren’t transporting in a box from one place to another.

you’re allowed pretty much a stiff (although if it works loose, you can technically flip it) folding, three inch pocket knife that doesn’t lock into place and only the pressure of cutting keeps the blade rigid to the grip.

I did wonder when I saw this. I was pretty sure it’s illegal to carry them on this side of the pond and I didn’t think Jim looked like the criminal type (and I’ve just remembered he’s a scouser isn’t he? So does that mean he has something else which he carries when he goes back home?).

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