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Yes, night-gaunts are pretty cool. They can fly long distances, with passengers. If you’re friends with them, you can save a ton on travel. In that respect, they’re almost as good as the Cats of Ulthar, who can fly you to the moon (in the Dreamlands)…

Cats of Ulthar: ^This is one small step for a cat, one giant trip for you!^ ^Tran-kitty-ly Base here – the hitcher has landed!^ ^Ear scritchies, please!^ ^ω^

Of course, I would imagine that no Lovecraftian creature would be suitable for a medallion…

Jocasta: Just keep walking and ignore him.

Cthulhu: Do not ignore me! I want to visit a human public house! I want to purchase human beer with human money using my human thumbs! Stop being so mean! You won’t like my nasty cosmic abomination side! X-E

And of course, regardless of whether or not there are any Lovecraftian creatures in the Skin Deep universe…

Alec Hyde: Nyarlathotep – definitely a bugbear. King in Yellow? Bugbear. Arthur Jermyn and his male ancestors? Unturned bugbears. Herbert West? Bugbear. H. P. Lovecraft…? Dunno… (regretful) …no. No, he don’t really have the look, does he? 8-{


“Lovecraft is a terrible mire of confusing copyright where some stuff is in the Public Domain and some stuff isn’t, so for now I’m just leaving that whole quagmire alone.”

Let’s hope that none of the bugbears heard you say that … ;-)

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