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2018 Reader Question 70

2018 Reader Question 70 published on 12 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 70

By all accounts, Phineas II had a beautiful made that she regularly braided and covered in flowers. The curse appears to have given her a mane as well as the exaggerated proportions. However, a lady lion with a mane isn’t that unheard of in nature!


She is pretty, and actually have some color for once. I supposed that she probably had the same elemental power as Jim.

Cropped down, that’s the sort of portrait that could go on a coin: PHINEAS II REGINA – FLOOFII DEFENSOR – CUSTODE POTENTEM VERDARUM – DULCISSIMA MAXIMA! (Queen Phineas II – Defender of the Floof – Guardian of the Power of Green – sweetest thing EVER!)


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