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You now have a ton of geeks screaming no as they fall to their knees.

Not me though I am constantly forgetting whose from what. I love comics but I cannot stand all of the reboots and origin stories again and again.
This is why I been watching the cartoon movies but skipping the live action lately. Deadpool is the only one I seen recently due to him being newer to the large screen.

How do Mythics handle transness/nongender conforming? Human doctors? Specialist sorcerers? (I’m just curious)

I’d think it would first depend upon whether the Mythical has a Medallion or not, and then what Mythical species they are.
Species that are physically larger than humans, would require higher doses of HRT to be effective, which would have medical professionals asking problematic questions.
As for specialist sorcerers being available, no. Not unless there is a radical reorganization of sorcerers in SkinDeep, as they seem to be solo operators, with no communication system and no formal training structure, which makes Sam’s apprenticeship under Tim an anomaly.

Jeff Goatbloom

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