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2018 Reader Question 84

2018 Reader Question 84 published on 14 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 84

Eastern Dragons are called “dragons” but they aren’t very much anything like Western dragons on a basic level. The predominant mythical “culture” is heavily based on European, Middle Eastern, and Northern African mythical creatures, and things like medallions and Avalons and such are mostly limited to the creatures that come from those areas of the world. So it’s not super fair to compare that with most Asian creatures, because they work on wildly different rules! You’ll see a heavier population of western mythical creatures and cultures in areas that have a high European population, like Hong Kong.


i really would like to know if there are german avalons, and if yes, how do they look like?
(little fun fact: Germany is more then just bavaria)

Considering that it’s easier to hide on a ship than on an airplane, I’ld guess that the most diverse avalons in Germany would be found along the coasts, VERY PRONOUNCEDLY NOwhere near Bavaria. ;-) (It would also explain a helluva lot of Seemannsgarn.)

Okay, now that we (kind of) know where the difference between mythical animals and their plain cousins are, there’s another question that bugs me.
How the hell can they keep secret from the authorities? We know that mythical beings send their children to a normal school when they are able to, so at least the administration offices have to know that there is someone, even if they don’t know what exactly they are. How do those critters deal with the day-to-day stuff that comes with living in a heavily bureaucratic society?
Also, if they administration offices know of them – which they must considering the mythical critters deal with normal humans on a daily basis – do they simply assume they all live in a big Hippie-Community when regarding the Avalons?

Asked by: Someone from ‘Bureaucracy first and foremost’ Germany.

Eastern and Western dragons always seemed like completely different creatures to me. I really like Western dragons myself. I have come to respect Bloodcarver, but the design of the one I can’t remember her name that is all forelegs, wings and tail does not appeal to me. I’ve seen so many dragon designs that I have come to expect that everyone that thinks about dragons thinks they are something anatomically different I fear I have a more hard core view. I kind of wish that there was a way for dragon fans to point at an example and say “That is a dragon” Bloodcarver is my favorite idea of a dragon. I’ve made people angry with this thought process before so….. hopefully everyone remains calm here.

How are eastern mythicals that immigrated to the west treated in Avalon communities? Are they unwelcome, or do they try to hide from western races in order to better maintain their own disguises?

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