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I really love your comic and salut all the hard work you spend on it. But there are still many things I can not understand, like, how can you stay hidden when you need all kinds of permits and documents to live in the modern world; how do multi-headed critters live and so on and so forth.

But I’m going to let them all aside and ask this:
In Crossbreeds, are they like real-life crossbreeds like Mules or Ligers? Can they have children on their own or are they sterile? Like, can Ike father any children or is it impossible for him?
And if that answer is ‘yes, it’s some magic stuff I’m not gonna explain closer’, would his children be also weird crossbreeds or would they be evenly distributed between Manticore, Buggane and whatever his wife (*cough*BohemianLion*cough*) would be?
I need to know, it’s not letting me sleep at night D:

Multi-headed creatures were covered in RQ number 160 from last year.

It’s strongly suspected that there must be individuals in government departments, and utilities corporations covering up the existence of mythical races and the Avalons. The documentation for members of species which have Medallions. The use of utilities resources, power, gas, water, internet, phones, etc. Law enforcement, and Homeland Security, as Medallions only have a limited working distance.

As for Ike, children of his would most likely be Bohemian Lion, since Medallion Magic seems to override genetics and other magics.

Mythical fairy tales:
– The Three Little Bugbears and the Big Bad Bugbear
– Bugbilocks and the Three Bugbears
– Little Bear Bugging Hood
– Bugwhite and the Seven Bugbears
– The Little Bearmaid
– Bugnocchio
– Bugbear and the Other Bugbear

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