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2020 Reader Question 16

2020 Reader Question 16 published on 6 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 16

Some Black Dogs are intelligent and capable of speech. Some are little more than magic dogs, and some are just Mysterious And Fleeting. Bugbears love them all.

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So, genetics: since Blanche’s parents are a white stag and a peryton, he was bound to be born as one or the other, respectively, a white stag in his case.
Is it however possible for the offspring to turn out as a “real” plain human? The kind that wouldn’t turn via a medaillon, not the magically hidden variety.
Sorry if this has been asked before, my sieve brain isn’t very reliable on that account!

Wouldn’t really be possible, as the “human” part isn’t a part of their genetics at all. It would be like asking if the baby of a moose and an elk could come out a lobster, just because they occasionally take a swim in the ocean. Theres absolutely no correlation.

The human look is just really old, really good magic.

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