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Never rule out phones cases for adding new places for useless miscellanea :P

Gawd, flip phones. I’d blocked out the era that they ruled the world. Those flimsy breakable fads drove me crazy, back before smartphones turned phones from a portable phone to a portable computer that’s only *occasionally* a phone…

I’m currently sore and moderately frazzled from having another car slam into mine while stopped at a red light three hours ago. My vehicle certainly totaled. I don’t know how I’ll get around in the coming weeks. But none of that matters right now because BAND shirt made me audibly laugh very hard, thank you :D

Also, I imagined that when smartphones do become common in this timeline, creatures without fingertips/paw pads would do what most every real life fursuiter currently does and just use a stylus at all times.

Gods, I used to have SO MANY charms on my phone! I went to Japan for a month and came back with it just dangling anime characters and temple fuda of all sorts. Think the charms weighed more than the phone (which is saying something, because daaaaamn that thing was a chonk.)

God 2005… I am trying to remember what i was doing back then. Probably during a troublesome part of my life. Tech has changed alot from even 15 years ago. It be interesting indeed to see them in the modern world. with cameras so much more common and higher quality now. Probably far harder to stay hidden away from the world.

iPhones were invented (released) in 2007. Hmm, holding the device with paws / hooves wouldn’t be too bad (well, maybe with hooves), but actually using it might be problematic. With paw pads, they’d be usable, but hooves wouldn’t work, and even some species (like rabbits) would have paws, but no paw pads, rendering it nonreactive to the their touch.

So because it’s 2005, and Perytons weren’t invented until 1957 (i.e. 47 years ago as of the story’s present day), does that mean Blanche’s mother is about as old as Perytons get? Or did mythological Perytons exist before they were first thought up?

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