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Its also possible crossbreeds are completely sterile since its how many hybrid animals are in real life.
But again with magic at play, I imagine it can be hard to say.

With a caveat to that, yes. What I mean is for example: Tiger/Lion hybrids. IIRC, ligers end up sterile, but female tigons are fertile (male tigons tend to be sterile). No, i don’t know the biology behind that, though it’s another flavor that could be added to fictional hybrids (that certain genders are fertile and also father/mother line dependent).

Actually female ligers have been documented producing offspring.
It’s something called Haldane’s Law

Basically w/ hybrids where one of the sexes would be either sterile or inviable, it’s the sex w/ the differing chromosomes. This is why, for example male hybrids (having XY) like mules and ligers, are sterile, while the female offspring (having XX) are able to produce offspring (altho it’s still fairly rare).

I think it has to do with the fact that the parents have a different number of chromosomes due to being different species (horses and donkeys for example have differing numbers of chromosomes-62 and 64 respectively-while dogs and wolves have the same number-78). They’re close enough in relation to be able to breed, but their differing numbers of chromosomes cause some whacky stuff to happen w/ the produced offspring.

About to start my second day of senior year of college, and this was just the cuteness I needed. Given any thought to Knuckers/ Wisconsin Kobolds? I would also like to see Stanley’s family tree – I expect the Avalon has been keeping his species like prize pets for centuries – or what the average dwelling of mythical creatures was before the Avalons? Did they have cross-species towns or try to settle by themselves?

Well crossbreeds might just be how all these random species got established originally… magic horse plus magic bird = pegasus for example. Would explain why so many of them look like two species mashed together.

On another note, I really want to see a hellbender totem.

Hey Kory is there a way to order commissions without getting a patreon? Because I am not seeing a way via your website.

If there is a way please leave a link in the reply thing below this comment.

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