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2020 Reader Question 5

2020 Reader Question 5 published on 8 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 5

This wouldn’t be canon in skin deep because there are a lot of murky factors that go into the existence of totem animals and one of those factors is “there’s gotta be intelligent life that knows of the animal” and there was no intelligent life when these little weirdos were swimming around. But I can’t NOT draw an anomalocaris mermaid!!

I would have been at GenCon this week! I miss conventions. If you also miss conventions you can still order stuff from both my Storenvy store AND my Topatoco store! The Topatoco tshirts were going to be my big new cool thing for SDCC and GenCon if you want to order one and get that convention experience! Or you can just reread Skin Deep again!!


Ah, the joy of weirdo animal-human hybrids.

Which reminds me that I’m still confused as to why heraldic animals are sapient when compared to non-heraldic ones, even though they barely look any different – until I remembered that there’s another type of critter in the Skin Deep universe that looks like any normal animal but isn’t:
Totem Animals.

So I was wondering whether it was possible that Heraldic Animals started out as kind of Totem Animals, representing a ‘People’s Spirit’, but due to the religious development in Europe they have less innate magic, like needing a medalion to shapeshift. Makes sense?

Okay so I have a question how about genetics, so when a human and a let’s a Faun have a kid, the kid is either a human or a Faun, but what if that fauns grandfather was a Satyr, would it be possible for the fauns and humans offspring to be a satyr? Or is it only determined by the parents?

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