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2020 Reader Question 37

2020 Reader Question 37 published on 19 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 37

“Medallions are wasted on that lot” is what a harpy or manticore might say about a Jellicle Cat. Why did they get them when there are so many others that could have used them to better effect? Perhaps the local sphinx just thought they were precious little things.

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Now I’m curious if T.S. Elliot is actually a Jellicle cat. I’m also curious if they have multiple fur patterns like in the musical, or just one like in the poems.

I wonder, what medallion-wearing cryptid suffers/enjoys the greatest size change between fullform and human form

Byzantine Eagles have 2 heads, we want to see a 3-headed cryptid, and we love heraldic creatures… can we please see a Russian heraldic 3-headed eagle?

Going with this, are zmey extinct or in hiding? I’m not sure how dragons are categorized here, exactly. While we know *European* dragons are considered extinct, I can’t remember if you mentioned the status of Asiatic ones or of other, similar beings (as shown in this handy chart:

I also apologize in advance if you’re already answered this and I’ve forgotten.

“Hey, look, Andrew. That cat just turned into a large, furry human cat, and he’s dancing around!”

“That gives me a great idea for a musical…”

You could do dozens of cartoons on how cryptids have knowingly or unknowingly influenced human society.

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