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This has probably been asked before but:
– Are there mental changes upon turning that go alongside the physical changes? Are there cases where the mental changes were more dramatic than even the physical changes?
– Likewise, and this is probably a tricky question, are there mental characteristics of specific kind of something-else-or-more-than-humans? Not just stereotype, but something that’s consistent between individuals and tied “species” (for lack of better term) rather than upbringing/culture/etc. We see Bugbears like to be creepy and like to frighten people on both sides of the Pond.

Not asking questions when getting tattoos seems like an unsafe scenario, but I’m no expert so what do I know?
Question: were there any ancient civilizations formed specifically by “mythics” without human input, like a city state or a village? As stated previously, I’d love to see peace negotiations between early man and their nonhuman neighbors.

“How does that work with body parts humans don’t have?”

Aside from ‘magic,’ I’d imagine it’d be like either the tattoo artist actually tattooing those parts inadvertently since it’s an illusion, or more likely that the magic makes the skin that was there move or stretch in line with the body part.

For example, with bone horns, no tattoos transfer because the skin moves away for the horns to grow out, while with ‘hair horns’ like antlers the tattooed area is growing the antler and would appear much like with fur. Same with wings and feathers.

Was there a time when Skin Deep ‘mythic’ creatures were hunted for materials like animals were? Also any hint to beings from religious pantheons being real in the Skin Deep universe?

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