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2018 Reader Question 31

2018 Reader Question 31 published on 16 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 31

Don’t forget to hit “back” because there is a reader question that I scheduled for the wrong date YET AGAIN! Oops!

Anyway, I think Stanley is a plesiosaur in the same way that a bird is a dinosaur. She is, but she’s several million years worth of evolution separated from the last known plesiosaur. So she’s a little different!


Can we see a canon take on Minoan Gryphons in SkinDeep? Maybe their medallions? I love seeing some of the more ‘out there’ and lesser known subspecies! I actually didnt know Opinici and Alces were a thing until I found SkinDeep!

THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING MY STANLEY QUESTION! Seriously, I’d be a horrible person to have around her because I’d spend my entire day feeding her treats and trying to figure out a proper diet for her (omnivorous, obviously, but eating hair and paper and so forth *can’t* be good for her gut.) Her species’ modern developments are fascinating, particularly since they point towards a critter that evolved from a deep-water feeder into an opportunistic shallow-water feeder (flippers instead of near-fins, a broad,long tail for greater maneuverability, and a head that can raise above the water plus what looks almost like a bird’s gullet/throat pouch.) LOVE IT! **flails** Sorry to fangirl so, but seriously, I’m just a big ol’ dinosaur freak, and while I know Stanley’s not one the relationship’s still just amazing.

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