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2021 March Reader Question 11

2021 March Reader Question 11 published on 19 Comments on 2021 March Reader Question 11

Really love the imagery of a donkey with a flaming neck stump galloping through the moors, that’s some cool stuff right there.

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Now I wonder if headless mules would had medliions would they have heads or not.

On Netflix (at least here in Brazil) there’s this series “Cidade Invisível” (“Invisible City”), with a HUGE Skin Deep vibe (although darker) with mythical beings living in Rio de Janeiro – not going to post a synopsis, but it deserve a watch when available outside Brazil

You can see the Saci, Cuca, Curupira, Iara, Boto (already appeared here), Tutu Marambá and the “brrrr” Corpo-Seco (last one is quite nasty!)

I liked it a lot and hope it will get a second season

So I’m like…what happened to the priest, and what monster did he turn into??

This must be added to the legend…it must!

I never heard if something happens to the priest, except in a medieval book that mentions the Sacramental Bread disappears from the priest’s hands if the concubine is present at the liturgy
According to the Wikipedia, there’s a variant that its the priest who gets cursed, turning into a headless priest, and it, not much different from the headless horseman, travels at night on a horse

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