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2020 Reader Question 29

2020 Reader Question 29 published on 23 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 29

The thing you really gotta remember about the world of Skin Deep is that weird, unexpected things happen all the time and the history is really complicated and it is hardly EVER written down out of precaution. So even if there’s a solution to a problem that has been known for a hundred years, that info might not make it past like, one obscure family in Sicily or something. So while it seems pretty obvious that Sam is just a human like his mom, you can’t 100% rule out the possibility that his medallion malfunctioned somehow. And that’s the place where Sam lives.

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I think it’s kinda rude to call him human, when he clearly knows he’s something different. Rather we should do our utmost to make him feel as much whatever it was he believed he was and enable his transformation into such in any way possible. You people are just being mytho-phobists.

There might be a unpopular social commentary there somewhere. XD

I wonder, what kind of mythological beasts would have arisen in the last couple of centuries? They would be all sans-medallion since the sphinxes are gone. Big blue oxen?

Just thinking about that, if the medallions were made in Europe or the Mediterranean (it seems), several hundred years ago, then presumably all the liminals from places no European/Mediterranean had known about at the time (or, it seems, people that didn’t send someone to ask a Sphinx) wouldn’t get medallions.

Nobody from Australia, say.

Maybe it’s just me, but something about Sam’s teeth made me think he’s definitely a turned Griffin in human talisman disguise, which makes me think the busted talisman makes sense, it’s there, it’s bonded with him, but it’s not letting him change.

I just had this vision in my head, of him – years later – finally accepting he’s just human and bending down, taking the necklace from around his neck and placing it around the neck of his nephew.
Its a bittersweet moment but he still smiles when his nephew gives him a hug calling him the best uncle ever.

now im wondering how often this situation happened before. any other big families with 1 or 2 human no transforms?

Hmmm…who decided that it’s gryphons and reverse gryphons? I mean, that gryphons were the normal sort and reverse gryphons were the reversed sort and not the other way around? Gryphons are more common or have better PR?

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